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Creation of a private post-surgical, recovery and overnight stay rooms.

Construction of an addition to the existing complex a new private clinic providing surgical procedures for eh private sector

Construction of a one-storey addition to house a new restaurant as well as the renovation of the entire building on two floors

Construction of a new one-storey commercial center of approximately 60 000 square feet

New multi-use building which includes a retail on the ground floor and office on the upper storey.

Project consisted of updating of the existing materials on the facades, all while being inspired by the details of the original house which were lost during the numerous renovations over the years.

Project involved the renovation of an existing Georgian inspired house, by upgrading existing materials and details of the original home.

Project was to create a more livable space within the existing attic area of the house. This was done by the reworking of the existing roof volumes, but without compromising the style and uniqueness of the original house.

Project included an addition to the façade to incorporate 1 second garage, as well as the renovation of the main facade that would enhance its street front presence.

Addition to an existing home. The materials and concept were meant to reflect those of traditional Georgian homes which the owners desired.

Construction of a new two-storey home. Project was designed to take advantage of its location in front of a park. The choice of materials was inspired by the more traditional homes in the neighborhood.

Project included the renovation of the main facade and included the selection of new materials in order to bring out the lines of the original split-level home.

This project included an addition to create another space, an addition along the rear, and the introduction of more materials for the facades of the house.

Construction of new modern two-storey house. The project was inspired by the linearity of the roofs of the neighboring homes. Its volume served as transition between the neighboring school on one side and two-storey home on the other side.

Project featured an addition of the garage as well as a two-storey glazed extension at the rear. The challenge was to increase the living area by creating an addition that would be visible from t4h street, and that would not overpower the original house.

Major renovation and addition to the original house, reflecting a contemporary interpretation of the character and details of the original house.

Project featured an addition over the garage along with a two-storey extension at the rear to create a two-storey living area on the ground floor and a basement that opens up to the backyard to capture its views as well as to allow the natural light to penetrate.

Project consisted of an addition to a traditional Greystone building built in the late 20th century. Addition was set back than original house and with its use of lighter materials complimented the original house.

Construction of a new two-storey cottage in a modern contemporary Prairie style. House was unique in the fact that the level below grade extends beyond its two levels above grade. The use of high-quality materials helped accentuate the modern lines of the house.

Modern addition to a traditional 1940’s Canadiana home. Addition was done to set off the existing house with the addition, with the use of all lighter transparent volume between the two.

Two-storey addition at the rear and facade renovation of a 1950’s split-level, to accommodate the needs of a young family.

Construction of new home in a Tudor style. The challenge was to capture the massing of a traditional Tudor home all while creating large living spaces that seamlessly flow into each other on the inside.

New extension at the rear for a carport which served to create a rooftop terrace above to create exterior living and dining areas.

Works were limited to the renovation of the main facade and included highlighting the home’s original corner window as well as bringing more attention to the entrance door to take away from the dominance of the garage door.

Renovation of home’s principal facade. The design had to maintain all existing openings and included the introduction of new finishes to bring out the home’s volumes and details.

New house built to reflect the clients’ wants of a more classical feel to a 1950’s Prairie style cottage.

Major interior and exterior renovation of an existing house. The design brought back some of the original home’s details which had been lost.

New home in the spirit of a traditional Georgian home.

Modern upgrade in the finishes of an existing 1950’s cottage.

Modern rear addition to existing Gambrel style home. Works included the restoration of the original home, as well as modern extension to the rear which opened the house to the backyard and created a dramatic plan which included two-storey.

Major addition at the rear of existing traditional home. Addition at the rear responded to family’s needs of a greater living area overlooking a large backyard.

Conversion of a 1950’s split-level to a cottage.

Project consisted of addition over the garage as well as extension at the rear. The final design was inspired by the existing home’s Prairie-like details.

Facade renovation of all sides of the house, which includes a new palette of materials and colors

Rear extension as well as facade renovation of back split house in Town of Mount Royal.

Rear addition at the rear of an existing home, where the addition although substantial in size does not take away from scale, simplicity, and harmonious feel of the existing house.

New home built in Town of Mount Royal, reflecting a contemporary version of a Prairie home

Facade renovation as well as rear extension to an existing cottage in Town of Mount Royal. The renovation included the replacement of all exterior finishes.

Project featured the conversion of an industrial building in a highly densified urban area into a multi-residential project. Design sought to maintain the original industrial look all while accentuating the entrance to the residential units.

Construction of a new pad in the parking lot of an existing center, to house future SAQ and Premiere Moisson retailers

Construction of a new pad to house an SAQ.

Renovation of the three main entrances of the mall

Renovation of an existing building in line with the branding of the future tenant

Construction of a new one-storey building to house a Pharmaprix in a very urban context

Demolition of existing building, on construction of a new infill for Pharmaprix to operate their high-end beauty boutique

New Pharmaprix in Promenades St-Bruno

Renovation of an existing car dealership, and construction of a multi-use building with a Pharmaprix on the ground floor and 3 residential units above.

Interior mall renovation of all common corridors as well as the new food court

New one-storey retail building.

Construction of a new industrial building along with offices along the facade, all in very urban setting.

Extension to an existing building to facilitate automation and the client’s need for additional space

Renovation of existing two-storey building.

Industrial building with office component of over 18 000 sq. ft. for a company which specializes in building automation

Construction of a new 4-storey office building

New medical offices for doctors in private practice

Construction of a new building including all the interior fit-up for a company involved in pharmaceutical research and analysis of data

Interior build-out of retail space for optometrists

New physiotherapy clinic with no surgical procedures

Renovation of exiting upscale restaurant to update client’s entire operation

Interior renovation of common areas, as well as the renovation of the facade

New building to house MHD-Rockland a world-class provider and distributor of fixed-wing aircraft services and support

New two-storey industrial building

Construction of a new automobile dealership with body shop facilities

Construction of a new pad to house a Banque Nationale.

Interior renovation and facade upgrade to split-level home in Town of Mount Royal. Existing masonry kept throughout the house and a secondary material replace with wood siding

New construction of multi-residential building in Town of Mount Royal